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Tis The Season

The Holiday Season is here! Family visits, children filled with joy and anticipation, Holiday goodies being served, hectic shopping, package deliveries…and porch pirates! In 2017 over 26 million Americans, or 8% of the population, had a holiday package stolen from their front porch or doorstep! That’s a lot of packages and a lot of unhappy people. We’ve had several in my neighborhood and people have posted videos of the thieves in hopes of identifying them. If you have smart locks on your door, Amazon has a service you can sign up for that allows the delivery company to scan the package, and if approved, unlocks your front door, starts a video recording to watch the delivery person open your door, put the package in and relock your door. Then you are notified the package was delivered and you get the short video of it being delivered. Pretty cool if you don’t have pets inside. Are these thefts covered by your home insurance policy? Most likely, the answer is no. Most home insurance policies in Florida have a $2,500  deductible so your stolen delivery needs to exceed this threshold. If you have a lot of high value deliveries because you are running a business from your home, you may want to check into getting an endorsement to cover your delivery items. We can help with that.

Many of us put up Holiday Decorations in your lawn. We have lights on our bushes, a tall Santa on the front lawn, and a new Holiday Minion on our front porch. Last year over 19 million homes reports that their Holiday decorations were stolen or vandalized. What kind of Grinch would do such a thing? If someone steals your blow up Mickey Mouse, is that covered under your home insurance? Again, unless it exceeds your deductible, the answer is no.

We used to hang lights from our roof line, but a ladder mishap ended that project a few years ago. Yep, I used a step ladder that was old and loose, climbed up one rung too many, fell, and broke a foot and elbow.   I learned my lesson. That step ladder went to recycling, and my brother in law’s Christmas present to me that year was a new sturdy ladder! Funny, but point well taken. Remember to inspect your ladders for loose screws or hinges, loose or broken rungs before you use them. My accident was covered under my health insurance. If I had a good friend that was hanging my lights and he fell off my ladder, then my home liability insurance would cover my friend’s injuries. Good luck finding a friend who puts up their own decorations and lights, and then wants to do yours as well!

Are you getting a real tree for the Holidays this year? Make sure you water it regularly. We had a weird experience one year, our last year with a real tree. After Christmas was over, we stopped watering the tree in anticipation of throwing it out. After three days, we woke up to a room of little black insects and webs all over the living room. It took us a day to clear it up, and the tree with all the decorations was taken to the curb. Make sure you water the tree so this doesn’t happen to you. They dry out pretty quickly which becomes a fire hazard too. Your home insurance policy will cover you from damage caused by a fire, again as long as it exceeds your deductible. We don’t want your tree to catch on fire, so make sure it gets water!

Happy Holidays to everyone from us here at the Mack Insurance Group. Remember, if you get that tennis bracelet you want, or that new car you have your eye on, or expensive new electronic devices, call us to get them properly insured! If you need help in determining if you have a claim to file or need to know your deductible, feel free to call us, even if you are not a client. Our advice is always free!



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