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The Wise Man Returns

I was working late the other night, and in walked my new friend Ima. I talked about him in an earlier blog. Before he started tidying up our office, he stopped in to say hello.

We chatted a few minutes about pizza places and Italian wines and then Ima mentioned about the flooding in South Carolina. “It’s a shame about all that flooding in Charleston. All those houses, buildings and cars are going to be messed up. Mr. Jay, I want to buy flood insurance for my home. Will you work me up a quote?” I was proud of Ima Phunny at that moment. 2 years off the plane from Italy and he has learned the importance of flood insurance.

“You know Ima, yesterday I had a prospect tell me that $400 for a flood insurance policy that covered his home and contents was too much money to pay. $400 for $350,000 of insurance coverage is too much to pay to protect his largest investment from flood damage! I can only guess that he hadn’t seen the horrific damage in South Carolina recently from Hurricane Joaquin. Or the damage in New Jersey from Superstorm Sandy. Or even the recent flooding from a daily rainstorm here in Florida.”

Ima responded “You have a saying in your country Mr. Jay, ‘pennywise and dollar foolish’. And salespeople use that line: ‘For less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee you could own this product’. Actually nowadays, for the price of a daily cup of coffee I could buy 2 flood insurance policies!”

For just $400 Ima will now have $250,000 of coverage for his home and $100,000 for his belongings in the house. I’ll bet he slept good last night!

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