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We represent many Life Insurance Companies and will offer you and your family the protection you need. Life Insurance can serve many purposes, from protecting your family to protecting your estate or providing for catastrophic medical expenses. There is so much to learn and know when buying life insurance. Many of us receive a flyer or see advertising on TV that offers $50,000 of protection for pennies a day and no exams necessary. The question becomes is that what you need? Most likely the answer is NO.

We have experienced Life Insurance Agents that we work with who will do the right job for you. They take the time to access your needs, both short term and long term, and offer the right products for you and your family’s needs.

Health Insurance and ACA are enough to drive anyone crazy! Plans are changing, applications take a long time to complete, government guidance is confusing, and prices keep rising. You need someone educated who specializes in this area to help guide you through what you need. You and your business could be facing penalties if you don’t have proper coverage. Let us help you navigate the health insurance jungle.

Long Term Care insurance should be part of your asset protection plan.  Done right, this policy can cover Home Health Nursing Aides or a stay in a Nursing Home.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a choice?  Your home is more comfortable and familiar to you or a loved one and when possible don’t we all want to be at home?  Home Aides or a Nursing Home stay can cost over $50,000 a year.  Without Long Term Care insurance, how long will your assets be able to pay for this expense.  Maybe you hoped to pay for your grandchildren’s’ college costs.  A health or illness catastrophe could wipe out those dreams.

There are many other coverages available to you to protect you, your family and your assets, such as Disability Insurance, Retirement Plans, or Medicare Supplements.  Please know that we can help you in these areas too.

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