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General Liability Insurance is vital to a business. This protects your company should someone enter your store or office, trip over your beautiful logo rug and become injured. Some general liability policies cover your work product too, but some don’t. It depends on what your business does. Do you know where to find out? We do, and our Agents will gladly examine your current insurance policies to make sure you are properly covered.

We are in Florida where Property Insurance can be expensive, mainly because of our history of hurricanes. But you need it. If you lease equipment or took out a loan to buy equipment, you have to have it. If certain machinery is vital to your business, you must insure it. Did you know you can even insure any software that you own or have developed? If you own your building as part of your business, you should insure it. Did you know that as a tenant in a building, your lease may require you to insure your space? It happens. Or what if you do an expensive build out that a landlord won’t pay for? Can you insure the build out? When you insure your business with us, you’ll get these kinds of questions answered, and get Peace of Mind from the knowledge our Agency shares with you!

How do you protect your business, and your staff, when a worker is injured on the job? Workers Compensation Insurance is the answer. It covers medical expenses, pays a death benefit in the worst imaginable situations, and pays a disability benefit if your employee cannot return to work at all, or can return but in a lesser position. Workers Comp is a tricky coverage as well. Did you know that if your employee does work on a boat in the water, or works on a dock, or crosses state lines for a job, then we need to do some doctoring on your basic Workers Comp policy?  Our Agents are all licensed and attend continuing education classes so we can stay current on all the insurance changes and give you Peace of Mind.

Business Auto Insurance is another needed policy if your business owns vehicles or trucks. Do you need it even if you don’t own any vehicles in the business name? What if your bookkeeper drives to the bank and runs someone over, or you need to run to Office Depot for some quick needed supplies and you run someone over. The attorney will ask you where you were going or what you were doing, and then sue your business. What if you insure your personal cars in the business name? Do you know if you lose any coverage that a personal auto policy would provide to you? Our Agency will help you get answers to all these questions and more.

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